5 Key Ways to Maintain a Stable Relationship

Are you married or hoping to get married soon and therefore in a courtship with your partner. Are you experiencing some difficulties in the course of your relationship with your partner? Then this article is for you. First of all, I will like to Develop your mindset on the fact that issues in a marriage are not a mirage in fact it’s one of the proven ways to gain trust in a relationship but then you have to make sure it does not escalate. Below are some of the key ways to maintain your working relationship. Are you ready now let’s go.

1. Best Friends

Who is your best friend? What and what are you expected to discuss with him or her?. We live in a world where we are meant to believe that Marriage is an official gathering where you curtail each and everything you will wish to discuss with your partner. If you have been doing this, then I guess that’s one of the reasons why things are falling apart. Your partner is expected to be your best friend, your gist partner, one whom you run to when you are uncomfortable. Is your partner this to you? That’s a question you should answer.

Stable Relationship
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We have seen a lot of cases where partners only meet during their bedtime to discuss sensitive issues and perhaps perform their marital duties and go to bed and the cycle continues. That’s not the way it should be. I believe you once had a Friend during your Early age, how did you relate with him or her, you should do more in your relationship. Even if you were an island or an extreme introvert then you have to start learning it for the sake of your relationship. Make out time to play with your partner, discuss the funs you had during and after work and try to do your house together.

I know the last statement might be very difficult but that’s one of the sacrifices. Joyfully and happily do your house chores together and I promise you there is a whole lot of fun attached to it. It will also help to reshape your relationship.

2. Be Honest

Honesty is an act of being scrupulous in regards to telling the truth at any point in time. One of the reasons why relationship crashes these days is because this quality is lacking. You don’t just earn trust from someone, you build it.

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Being honest in a relationship does not only imply you being trustworthy or trying to get the trust of your partner but then letting your stipulated action be carried out according to the plans or according to what you said or told your partner. This especially should be done during the birth of the relationship or at the early stage, this is because, in the long run, you gain the trust of your partner. There is a need for a perforated mind in a relationship. Your partner should be able to see through you when you speak.

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3. Appreciate

One the mindset that destroys relationships is when you start believing that all your partner does for you is your right, you earned it and you deserve it. Yes, you deserve it am not disputing that fact, but then there is a need for appreciation.

When you appreciate someone you didn’t just only thank them you have passed a message of gratitude to the giver. The lack of the phrase “thank you” is what is killing matured relationships today. As a female partner, how about you dance or twerk for your partner when you receive a gift. That sounds funny, right? But that’s one of the secrets, when you do that you create a smart and beautiful Atmosphere that is quite conducive to a beautiful relationship.

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The male partner can always do the same which will be more hilarious and entertaining. Also, remember that you don’t only appreciate your partner when they get you special gifts, it should be a daily routine, you don’t know how wonderful this will look, just try it. Give him or her that resounding smile that resets the brain every morning and tell him or her how wonderful he or she looks after dressing up for the day’s work.

This might sound casual but then you will surely see results when you implement it.

A whole lot of us do not understand the importance of appreciation. Appreciation renews love and affection in a relationship. it’s bringing that mindset that yes my partner loves me and believes he or she can go extra mile to do things for me.

4. Go on Dates:

Why haven’t you been taking your partner on a date, ohh! you think it’s ungodly or perhaps you are too old for it, then you are missing it. The purpose of dates is to clear your mind off from certain things and have time for yourselves, especially in cases where you have kids or you are always engaged with work.

Embarking on a planned date will help nurture your relationship more than you can imagine. This is a rundown of how to go about it. First of all, choose a nice and comfortable venue, it can be a beach, bar or renowned restaurant, dress well and be positive. Have in mind you are going to have fun. During the course of your dates try to be inquisitive and demanding. Make sure it doesn’t get boring. Bring on some old memories you had and analyze them with that you are already on it.

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In a case where your partner is the quiet type then do the questioning and allow him or her to do the answering. If you are the one on this page then you need to start working on yourself because when a particular person does the talking alone it makes the whole essence boring. Eliminate the mindset that your partner wants to know every single thing about you, this perception is often found among men and you feel you are the head of the house which implies that your partner or wife shouldn’t know everything about you. That is and shouldn’t be found in a relationship.

You should have in mind that you are here to clear things up and therefore be eager to answer or contribute to any discussion that surfaces.

5. Empathize with Your Partner:

As a wife, your hubby comes back from work and was moody and all you could do is serve him food or scold him on why he’s late. Why? Questions like why is my hubby acting this way, why isn’t he happy to see me should be your utmost priority.

Try and make him speak and create that atmosphere that will make him understand that you are with him and you fully understand what is going on even when you don’t. That will not only calm him down he will also open up to you. That’s the secret. No one wants to be in a relationship where his or her partner doesn’t listen or understand his or her feelings but would you want to be alone. No, for the fact you have agreed to be in that relationship then you have to always try to listen to the feelings of your partner.

No Relationship is perfect but all relationships should have a mandate to attain perfection. The above secrets have been examined and proven to be a life-saving technique for different homes. Adopt the above steps with a positive mindset and believe it can work.

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