Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship

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Watching a lot of movies can make you start thinking out of reality. Unarguably, you may have come across one of the popular sayings; “Love conquers all”. But is it true? Can love alone sustain a relationship? Anyone who has broken up with the one he or she still loves will give you a negative answer.

Sometime back, I overheard a couple blaming each other as to why their relationship failed. They are still in love with each other but there was something big that didn’t allow their relationship to work out. Many at times, when we see or hear about broken relationships, we assume the love is no longer there but I have discovered that love doesn’t guarantee the success of a relationship. Love can’t help you adhere to one person for a very long time. Do you still think that love alone is enough in a relationship? Read on.

Love is like the pillar on which the relationship is built around but not the fuel that keeps it going. Love is a feeling, hence, it can’t create all the necessary skills and actions needed to keep a relationship going.

You can fall in love with anybody, but building a relationship takes more than what pulled you to them. Another shocking truth is that being in love with person A, is not a guarantee that you will not fall for person B. Oh! Wait! Do you think happily married people do not see people better than the ones they married? Or you think they don’t feel funny at times? don’t be deceived, they do but they remained with their partners. Why? Because there are still other things aside love that keeps the relationship going. In a nutshell, We will be reviewing other things that help grow a long, happy relationship apart from love. Here we go.

Compatibility – Love and compatibility are two different things. Take notes of that. Goldie Hawn said and I quote, “A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility”. Love without compatibility will never sustain a healthy relationship.

Commitment – when you’re committed to a relationship, the person you’re committed to will always be ranked first. The relationship lasts long because two individuals decided to keep it, fight for it, and work on it.

Communication – without communication there is no relationship. Tony Gaskins said, “Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, it dies.

Trust – Building a successful relationship requires you to take trust as your brick. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone. If you can’t trust them, the relationship is not going to work. Trust is essential to healthy and solid relationships.

Respect – Try not to permit individuals to disrespect you because you love them. Building a relationship requires respect from both parties.
Among others are loyalty, attention, emotional intelligence, ETC.

In summary, the relationship must be treated as a person. It needs love, commitment, communication, attention, flexibility, respect, and so on.

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