I guess you were like wow. What’s this one again, it’s there any concept like Night Economy. Yes there is. It’s meaning is as simple as it sounds. Night means a period between sunset and sunrise while Economy means the system of distribution, production and consumption. Therefore Night Economy means the system of distribution, production and consumption that takes place within the period of sunset and sunrise. It is as simple as that.

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Generally, Night Economy is a regulated, strategic and planned offer that respects those who want tranquility as well as those who like to go out. It describes all economic activity that takes place in the evening after many people finish daytime employment or formal education such as eating and drinking, entertainment, and nightlife (which may be described by the related term Evening Economy.

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Some of the operations that takes place in the night economy includes;

1.Eating out – restaurants, cafes, takeaways: This includes but not limited to eateries, Hotels, road side vendors. A lady who sells Okpa Every evening at a particular junction is a participant of the night economy and a contributor too.

2. Drinking – pubs and bars: This is very visible in our modern society. Alot of us will always want to chill and treat ourselves after the days job or engagement. Patronizing a beer bar by 8pm is a part of night economy.

3. Culture and entertainment – theatres, cinemas, live music and comedy events: Most classic shows and event takes place at night or late evening. Participating in late hours engagement makes you a contributor to the night economy.

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4. Sport – spectator sports including football, often take place in the evening, especially during Mondays to Fridays.
5. Healthcare, police and firefighting.

   Benefits of Night Economy.

1.Recreation for people: Night Economy serves as a medium of relaxation for people who have been engaged during the day. It is of no doubt that most of us will always want to talk a walk or see a friend after work hours. During the course of this you tend to get engaged with the society by patronizing any product you can afford. The satisfaction and fulfilment you get during those times was provided by the night economy and should be given some credit.

2. Increased employment due to local spending: Unemployment has increased drastically in our society because we all shy away from this. The dark side of night economy has always been the talk rather than it’s prons to the society. Research has shown that 90% of excelling entrepreneurs works at night whether directly or indirectly. Hospital operate at night, factories operate etc. Work shift has made it easy and thereby increasing employment in the long run.

3. Reduced social exclusion and increased vitality in towns: Night Economy has also done it’s part in bridging the Gap between the rich and the poor. During these period every citizen has a complete access to every single thing Available in the society. People are engaged with the help of this Economy. One can also claim some cash aside working during the day yunno

4. Add vibrancy and a sense of uniqueness to a location. The increase in security challenge in some areas is as a result of excess calmness that are being experienced in those areas. The probability of criminals carrying out operations in a crowded area is slim compared to a lonely area. It brings Vibes to an area thereby attracting visitors and tourist to those areas.
5. Create social cohesion and inclusion.
6. Nurture the artistic and creative industries.
7. Provide essential services and transport for night-time workers: Imagine not seeing a means of transport after working late into the night. You did be frustrated right? This is exactly what the world would have been without the existence of the night economy.

Challenges attributed to Night Economy.

1. Noise pollution: Even as we all want a vibrant society, there is need certify when it is becoming a problem to some persons. Tranquility is a bae to some persons and will not want to be deprived of the comfort. It is very obvious that Noise must exist especially in a society where people move freely without any restriction.

2 Crime and/or anti-social behaviour, particularly where alcohol is involved: Lack of security birthed this. Intoxicated citizens tends to abuse others and carry out all other criminal activities which can be a detriment to the existence of the night economy. This particular dilemma can be easily curbed by simply increasing the security tactics of those areas and engaging experienced and professional security personnels too.

3. Traffic congestion: It is of no doubt that night economy increases traffic challenge. People will want to fix themselves to every available space thereby making it difficult for passerbys and traffic users. Improvement in security can also help curb this.

China shenzhen Skyscraper

How to grow a healthy night-time economy.
To create better cities, and as part of national and local policy on the night-time economy, Shapiro recommends:

1. “Understand the community in which you are working and provide amenities that are genuinely needed – this is how you will create value.”: People dive into businesses without conducting a feasibility study of how it works and the intending localization of their business. Erecting a hotel or a modern eatery in a remote rural area can be a tragedy as the business cannot the test of time. Intensive study is essential requirement before erecting a business especially when it has to do with the night economy.

2. Perceptions need to change: The night is perceived as a negative space where crime and conflict are exacerbated. As a result, cities and places are planned for the daytime, but licensed and restricted at night. An average Nigeria has been trained with this mindset and it’s pathetic. Recreating this mindset might be very difficult but then it’s a gradual process.

3. Involve all city departments — planning and housing, regeneration and development, tourism and culture, environmental health, police and the health service. “Most importantly, include all citizens, residents and businesses. Those that wish to reduce activities between 6pm and 6am are equally important.” Every single person in the society should be carried along as the society or night economy tends to grow faster when a large percentage of the population understands it’s importance.

4. Devolve more national power to regions and cities – “More local power allows for better local decisions”. This is where delegation of powers comes in. The leaders at the top need to make laws that allows local government autonomy. It is clear a functional local government or a local council who understands the essence of the night economy in the development of a society will definitely push for it.

In conclusion, Night Economy if nutured and develop can lead to a drastic increase in the Gross domestic income of a Nation. These are little things that we neglect in our society. The benefits of night economy cannot be overemphasized, the only requirement is a functional system to allow it work.

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