How to Overcome Shyness During a Presentation (12 ways)

The fear of public speaking to me seems like one of the biggest fears in the world, speaking from experience. Those of us with this fear try as much as possible to avoid public speaking situations altogether. I can’t stop laughing at my actions back then, those moments are funny now but believe me it was frightening then. If there is one thing I hated the most, it is speaking in front of a crowd. This is partly because I’m a shy person. However, if I can overcome shyness during a presentation, you can do the same as well. This article aims to kill two birds with one stone. That is, solving two similar questions ( how to overcome shyness during a presentation and how to overcome the fear of public speaking ).

Overcome Shyness During a Presentation

Standing before the audience with a pitch, idea or presentation is an integral part of our professional life. Being a credible speaker can help you advance your careers, develop your businesses, and studies and support you in building sustainable partnerships.

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The fear of public speaking is very real. But here’s the good news, you can overcome the fear of public speaking with time and effort and a desire to change. And of course, with the following tips, I will be sharing.

Overcome Shyness During a Presentation or your fear of public speaking and boost your, studies, and business with the following tips from Easy Life.

Know Your Topic

For me, this is the first step if you want to overcome shyness during a presentation. The more you understand the topic, the less likely you are to make a mistake or get off track.  And you can recover quickly if get off track.  Take some time to think about what the audience will ask questions about and get your answers ready.

Visualize Your Desired Result

Stay focused on the result you want and imagine the presentation going incredibly well. Take a look at your presentation and appreciate it. Feel the positive feelings of your great success and feel good about the presentation before it happens. This is a powerful way to stop fear or doubt and make you feel empowered before you present.

Make Yourself Organized

Plan your documentation, such as any assistance, audio, or visual devices, thoroughly in advance. The more organized you are, the less terrifying and shy you are. To remain on track, use an outline on a small card. Visit the location where you will talk and review the necessary equipment prior to your presentation if possible.

When you are organized, It helps you to become much more relaxed and calm. If you are clear and organized, your speaking anxiety can be greatly reduced because you can focus more on one thing at hand and give a great speech.

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Extensive Training And Preparation

Preparation for your speech is indispensable if you want to overcome the fear of public speaking. Write out key points on a script, but don’t read word for word from the script. Prepare your speech so well that you can answer any questions you might be asked.

Practice several times. You can present in front of some people you’re comfortable with and ask for feedback. You can as well consider making a video of your presentation so you can watch it and see opportunities for improvement.

Concentrate On Your Material, Not The Audience

People focus mainly on updated information not how it is expressed. You may not be aware of your nervousness.

Don’t Just Memorize The Words

The ability to speak publicly is not based on your entire speech word for word. The real pros are aware of their material by recalling key points and leading to subjects and examples.

Maintain Your Focus On The Moment

Maintaining your focus on the moment can help you overcome shyness during a presentation. It is very important to keep your attention in the present when you make a speech or lecture. Stay focused on what is happening at the moment.

If you keep thinking about something that took place moments ago while presenting, then you cannot focus on the only place where your thought and actions can make a difference, which is the prevailing moment.  It is completely useless to keep thinking of the last moment no matter how mistaken you made while you were still talking.

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Try Some Techniques For Relaxation

While deep breathing and positive thoughts are great for calming those on stage nervousness, another effective way to deal with anxiety is to strongly plant our feet on the ground. Each time that you face an audience, find out what works best for you, and then make the same ritual. It will calm you down and distract you from the anxiety of the stage. This method has really helped people overcome shyness during a presentation.

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Moment Of Silence

You may seem silent for an eternity if you lose track of what you say or begin to feel nervous, and your mind gets blank. It’s just a few seconds, in reality. Even if it’s longer, your audience will probably not mind a pause to think about what you said. Take a few deep and slow breaths.

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Do Not Overthink The Reactions Of The Audience

Somebody will always be on your phone or yawning in the audience. Remember, bored or tired people will always be present. No reactions to these audiences personally relate to you.

Don’t sabotage yourself.

We’re our own worst enemy sometimes. Don’t let your internal critic down. Instead, analyze that voice’s power in order to disarm it.

Get Help Support

Join a group or organization that supports people who want to overcome the fear of public speaking. Toastmasters, a non-profit organization with a local chapter focusing on the training of speakers and leadership, is an efficient resource.

Shyness is not supposed to keep you from success, so try these simple tips and make them work for you, they’re really good tips to try. However, Consider seeking professional help if you can’t overcome your fear by practicing alone.

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