13 Tips on Exam Preparation

Examinations play an important role in our lives. They review our knowledge and as well as help us realize where we stand in our studies among our friends. Studying and getting ready are crucial to achievement in exams. However, it is difficult to know the best way to prepare until you have some insight. Therefore this guide offers some tips on exam preparation, based on experience and research, to help both old and new students.

Tips on Exam Preparation

Early Preparation/Plan

These are so far the best working tips on exam preparation. There is no viable replacement for early preparation and plan. Make an examination plan that fits your way of studying and do not leave anything for the last minute. As last-minute cramming is much less productive. Preferably, review each subject, and ensure that you comprehend it completely as this will make modification a lot easier.

Write down how many exams you have, the number of pages you have to learn, and the days you have left. Thereafter, organize your examination habits accordingly.

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Set Study Objectives

Setting a study objective is an important exam preparation best tip. Before commencing your study session, set a study objective for the day as this will help keep you on track. You can note down your study objectives when you start with your reading session or you can set them as the end of the session for the following one. Here are a few instances of study objectives, you can set:


  • I will study at least 3 chapters today
  • I will work everything out on matrices


Make short notes

Tips on Exam Preparation

Re-examining the entire syllabus from scratch may seem impossible given the limited time available. Therefore, prepare short notes and list out the main points or draw conceptual frameworks that can help you to recall appropriate answers quickly. The habit of writing short notes or drawing conceptual frameworks stick in your memory and is more effective than only just reading. In this manner, you will be capable to understand the points better and recall everything you require during the exam.

Practicing Exam Past Question

This helps you get familiar with the format and structure of the question paper. And timing yourself while practicing can also be good practice for making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.

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Know About Your Exam

Every exam is different, so do some research about your exam. Find out from your teacher/professor the areas to be covered, what format the exam will take, and how much it counts toward your last grade. This will ensure that you are prepared for the type of exam you will be writing, be it multiple-choice, short answer, or an essay.

Explain what you’ve read to others

This is one of the most crucial exam preparation best tips. With the assistance of your family and friends, you can be successful in your exam. Explain an answer to a question to them. That will help you understand the concept better, and also identify any areas where you need to improve.

Manage your Stress

Exam stress is perfectly normal. A little bit of stress can be a positive spark. However, too much of it can have an adverse effect on your performance. So take regular breaks, exercise daily, and spend time relaxing with friends and family. If you begin to feel frustrated or overwhelmed, step away from the books for a while and cool off.

Organize study group with friends

Organizing a reading session with friends is one of the most crucial exam preparation tips as it can help you tackle the most difficult questions and learn faster. Just make sure the group is focused on the subject and they are not easily distracted from the group’s objective.

Studying with your friends or your fellow students is also a great way to access yourself and keep moving forward towards your goal.

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Comprehend the concepts while studying

Some understudies mug up theories without understanding the concepts. Hence, they are unable to answer a question asked in an alternate format. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the concepts identified with thinking, mechanism, application, etc., to perform better in the exam.

Drink Lots of water

While studying for exams and even during an exam, it is advisable to keep yourself hydrated as this will add to your overall positive mood and will make your brain work at its best. So make sure to drink a lot of water while preparing for exams and even during the exam.

Ask for Help

If you have a problem understanding a specific concept or subject, then do not hesitate to ask for help from your teachers or friends. Asking for help is quite better than trying to memorize or cram, as taking guidance from someone can help you remember the concept for a longer time.

Take Regular Break

Studying for more hours appears to be more productive but that’s not true as it may completely drain you out, leaving you with no energy to study and retain knowledge. So it’s crucial to take regular breaks for longer retention of information and to freshen up your psyche.

However, remember that everybody is different, so what works for you probably won’t work for other people. When building an examination schedule, consider taking breaks when it turns out best for you.

Have self-confidence

According to Cicero, “Self-confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.” Believing in yourself, trusting that you studied enough, being confident that you can recall the material, and being present at the moment is a key to scoring high in an examination.

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